Tiny Tusks S​/​T

by Tiny Tusks

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S/T full length from Tiny Tusks. Recorded at 28below studios by Eric Shepherd.


released January 4, 2014

Natalie (vox/guitar), Lauren (drums/vox), Sabrina (bass)



all rights reserved


Tiny Tusks New York

Tiny Tusks is:

Angelica (Bass)
Lauren (Drums, Vox)
Natalie (Guitar, Vox)

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Track Name: Air or Void
We don’t see each other the way we should
I have intentions and they’re only good
I give up you know I’ve said enough to be the sad fool
So I’m kicking leaves and turning things around

It’s New Year’s now and I’m all worn out
Keep this piece of paper
Forget you know me at all

Do my best, hold on to my friends
I’m not so alone
We have a choice, it’s air or the void
And I’m choosing air
‘Cuz I give up on what you think
When I see brighter things
Just make this up as I go
With no turning back
Track Name: Mess Girl

I’m a mess girl
Don’t try to hide it
I always want more
Just couldn’t buy it

You keep playing
‘Till it’s all played out
Like the drugs that keep you spinning around
And down, whoa

I’m a mess girl
But I’m a fighter
And I’ll get better
Just not tonight dear

Come on over
The lights on
Keep your place here
If you want
Track Name: Sunchasers

I chase the sun
Foolin’ everyone, like me
‘Cuz we wanna be better
So we promise things

Then the storm sets in
Hits you like a ton of bricks
We feel the weight
And we’re running again

Trust no one
Eyes wide open
Burn in the sun
With your decisions
Track Name: Know It All

This is how you treat your friends
What a mess and we jumped right in
How’s it now? Think you’ve got control
You’ll be sorry when you’re alone

Tell your sister, tell your mother
Where you running now for cover

Think you know it all
Playin’ with our hearts
Like it’s not your fault
Hope you figure out

This is how we’ll behave
You’ll just pretend that I’m not here
Glad I got your number now
Won’t wait around to settle down
Track Name: Connecticut
Connecticut, you’re a world away
And I miss you everyday
I wanna call you on the phone
Tell you that I’m all alone
With time just standing still

Connecticut, we can still dream
And I’m dreaming with you tonight

Connecticut, is this all there is?
If this is all it was
I got no regrets
I can stay in bed
Till the sun comes up

Connecticut, Connecticut
Say you want me too
Connecticut, we can still dream
And I’m dreaming with you tonight
Track Name: This Is Not Relief

While you spreading out like wildfire,
I’ll be spreading like a moss
And all these accusations of not being anything enough
Is a senseless tragic fight what you're asking for tonight?
Or will it ever be all right - is it ever just all right?
You’re a preachy-preach talker with nothing real to say
Still end up believing that things will never go your way
I know you're saving for the shark life
Take all your baggage and go on right up all night

What you want is bigger than what you get
Forge your lies
No regrets

You’ll burn yourself out before you ever get to me
And while you're saving up the insults
I’ll make it obvious to see
That soon it will consume you
All the bitterness inside
With no one left to help you
The fire will eat you alive
So let it go

Want something real
Something better than this
Or is it fine
This is not relief
Track Name: Stops

Do you want it all?
I know I want it all
Can you hear it beat?
The sound of my heart
Failing to keep
Stop making plans
You try so hard
When nothing makes sense

One thing I love
A thousand things I’d give up
If you give me a chance
Give me a chance

Do you wanna stop?
Think I wanna stop
Did you ever care?
About what it cost
Failing to keep
There will be no plans
Alone, you are
All over again

Give me a chance
*The world don’t spin without you
I’m amazed you’re standing still
I’m taking my kisses back, whoa
I want my kisses back from you
You know your problems they aren’t problems
Be glad they never will
I’m taking my kisses back
I want my kisses back from you

*Lyrics by Jim Adkins
Track Name: Ebb

The flood swept us away
Did not expect, did not pray
The tide rolls out
I’m at peace now, just floating away
Would you be my vest?
Save my life again
Save my life again

There was hope in the ebb
And she saved my life again

There was this sea
And I was lost
But she gave me the shore
Forever more
Saving my life
Saving my life again
Track Name: About Us

Have you ever been to Tennessee?
Where it’s oh so green
I got lost in its tallest trees
Didn’t dare you to find me
Have you ever breathed the salty air
On a night ride to Riis?
My lungs are filled with hope and dreams
I just dared myself to believe them

There’s good there’s bad
That’s all we have
I’m truly glad about us
Your friends they love you
They loved you so much
Never will we give up

There’s purple and orange that paint the sky
Oh me, oh my
What a life we live to see such things
How could you leave us behind?
But the devil was next in line
To kiss you goodbye
I hope you’re free
Where you wanted to be
We’ll be seeing you around